Q-linea consist of a team of enthusiastic people with a variety of expertise; molecular and micro-biologists, mechanical and software engineers, senior administration, project management, and financial staff. Q-linea AB is privately held and based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Q-linea was founded in April 2008 by scientists from the Rudbeck laboratory at Uppsala University, together with Olink AB and the Uppsala University holding company, UUAB. Since 2012 the company partnered with nxt2b, an Uppsala-based Investment Company founded by Bengt Ågerup. Dr. Ågerup is a well-known Swedish entrepreneur who previously founded Q-Med. Q-linea develops procedures, instruments, and systems for protein and nucleic acid analysis, particularly with applications in the field of microorganism detection and identification and for in vitro diagnostics.


The senior management provides experience from industrial development, as well as scientific and innovation start-up companies.

Jonas Jarvius

CEO & President of Q-linea AB, Dr. in Molecular Medicine, earlier an affiliated scientist at the Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University. Co-founder of Olink AB and Q-linea AB, former CEO Sigolis.

During his PhD studies Dr. Jarvius focused at cross-disciplinary research at the boundaries of microfluidics and molecular medicine. Dr. Jarvius was one of the inventors and first author of the Amplified single molecule detection strategies used in Q-linea´s diagnostic and BW-agent detection platform. Dr. Jarvius is author of several scientific articles and book chapters, published in leading journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, Analytical Chemistry and Nucleic Acids Research. He is the designated inventor of several patents and patent applications.

Ulrika Stolpe

CFO, has more than 15 year experience of financial management in the Med Tech business.

Prior to Q-linea, Ulrika Stolpe worked in the radiotherapy business; she was during 10 years managing the Uppsala office within the Dutch company Nucletron (prior to that the Canadian company Nordion). Finance, office management and internal control are her focus areas.

Mats Gullberg

VP, Dr. in Medical Sciences, 2003, M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Microbiology, special focus microbial antibiotic resistance, 1995, both at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Co-founder and former CTO at Olink AB a Swedish company providing tools and reagents within protein biomarker analysis, with its spin-out companies Q-linea, Halo Genomics and Olink Proteomics. Named inventor of several patents and patent applications, including the granted patents on C2CA method and ASMD used by Q-linea. Close to 20 years of experience within biomedical research and transfer of scientific innovations into products as well as several years of experience of IP and licensing within the biotech sector.

Jenny Göransson

CSO at Q-linea with a PhD in Molecular Medicine from Uppsala University.

In her graduate work, she focused on the development of the Q-linea core technology, amplified single-molecule detection. Dr. Göransson is author of several articles published in Nature Methods, Nucleic Acids Research, PLoS ONE, Nano Letters and other peer-reviewed journals, as well as a review article and book chapter. Been responsible CSO for the development of the Bionanolab, Perseides and TWOBIAS systems developed by Q-linea.

Nils Kristensen

Diagnostics Project Manager, has more than 20 years experience of product and process development in conjunction with production implementation and operation.

Nils Kristensen has been working in both start-ups and fully industrial settings within the telecom and biotech tools fields. He has held multiple senior management positions, e.g. COO at Gyros AB, and is engaged in other start-up boards in Swedish high tech companies. Nils Kristensen has a formal background in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.

Jan Grawé

CTO, Q-linea co-founder, holds a PhD in analytical cytology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and is Associate Professor in toxicological genetics.

Post-doctoral work at Uppsala University, GSF-Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit, Munich, and Stockholm University involving the development of fluorescence-based methods for detecting cells with rare genetic alterations. Dr. Grawé has published about 40 peer reviewed articles as well as two book chapters. He has been responsible CTO for the development of the Bionanolab, Perseides and TWOBIAS systems developed by Q-linea.

Johan Mörck

CMO, has more than 15 years of experience of product development, project management and product planning in the defense, telecom, automotive and biotech sectors.

Prior to Q-linea, Johan Mörck worked in the Volvo Group Trucks Product Planning team as Manager Electrical and Electronics strategies, responsible for product plans and the development project portfolio for electronic features of all truck brands in the group. Johan Mörck holds a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Board of Directors

Q-linea's BoD consist of a combination of entrepreneurs, inventors and industrial experienced persons representing the major owners of the company, and providing active support to the management.

Jon Heimer

Chairman of the board

Jon Heimer has 20 years of experience in developing and commercializing medical devices and pharmaceutical/biotech products. Jon has joined Q-linea's major owner, Nexttobe, from OxThera where he served as CEO since 2005, prior to that responsible for product and business development at Q-Med. Jon is an entrepreneur with a formal background in Economics from Uppsala University and Marketing from Eductus Business School in Sweden.

Erika Kjellberg Eriksson

Board member

CEO of Nexttobe AB. Erika has been working in the life science sector for 15 years. Before joining Nexttobe, she served as CFO of OxThera, prior to that as Vice president and CFO of Q-Med and as CFO and CEO of BioPhausia. She has also been a board member of Bluefish Pharmaceuticals and A+ Science. Erika has a formal background as B.Sc. in Ba and Econ. from Uppsala University and started her career as an auditor at Ernst & Young.

Prof. Ulf Landegren

Board member

Co-founder of Olink AB and co-founder of ParAllele Bioscience Inc. Prof. Landegren is an internationally recognized scientific leader in molecular detection and amplification technologies, with an established network in the scientific and biotech business communities. Prof. Landegren has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and is the designated inventor of more than 40 patents and patent applications. Developed molecular technologies include the oligonucleotide ligation assay (OLA), Padlock probes, Proximity ligation assays and Selector probes among others. A total of twelve internationally leading biotech or diagnostic companies have licensed technologies invented and reduced to practice by Professor Landegren’s lab, and from his lab eight biotech companies have emerged, three of which have been acquired by the public biotech companies Affymetrix, Agilent and PerkinElmer, while Olink Proteomics, Olink Bioscience, Genagon and Q-linea are still privately.

Prof. Mats Nilsson

Board member

Professor and Site director Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden. Co-founder of Olink AB, Q-linea AB and ParAllele Bioscience Inc. Member of the board of ELOS AB and Olink AB. His research is focused on developing single-molecule and single-cell gene analytic techniques, employing advanced molecular tools combined with microscopy and microfluidics. Prof. Nilsson is author of more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, published in leading journals such as Science, Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, PNAS, Analytical Chemistry and Nucleic Acids Research. He is the designated inventor of 5 patents.