Q-linea is a young and growing company consisting of a cross-disciplinary team jointly focusing on solving important clinical needs.


We are always on the lookout for new talented and competent individuals. Please submit your resume and contact details to

Thesis projects

We occasionally offer thesis projects to students, primarily in engineering disciplines. If interested, please contact us regarding your thesis project ideas at

Currently, we are interested in applications for thesis projects from students in molecular biology, microbiology, and software, electrical, and/or mechanical engineering.

Degree-project, 30 credits

The last years have shown a dramatic change in how in vitro infectious disease diagnostics are performed at hospitals worldwide with the adaption of nucleic acid and mass spectrometry methods for pathogen identification, in contrast to traditional phenotypic methods. For sensitive, rapid diagnostics, nucleic acid techniques are still un-surpassed. However, rapid nucleic acid technologies as of today requires some knowledge about the target sequences to be interrogated. One great hurdle identified is thus access to correct and sufficient number of genomic sequences from clinical isolates. There is currently a major effort ongoing to generate large data sets of clinical sequences available. This causes a bioinformatic challenge, how to use the information as well as how to cope up to date with the available information?
We are looking for a Master’s level student in bioinformatics, molecular biology or biotechnology for a project during fall 2017. The student will learn to work with bioinformatic tools, programming (C++, Pearl, Java and C-sharp) in a team of software engineers in collaboration with molecular and micro-biologists at Q-linea. The student will be given responsibility for planning, from a given problem, execution and reporting of the results.
Q-linea offer a successful applicant to be part of a team that tackle the major health problem sepsis, a clinical syndrome that currently kills one persons every three seconds worldwide.

Please send your application to:
Mats Gullberg,