The system will perform both molecular pathogen identification and phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST), directly from whole blood, delivering ID after four hours and AST in additional two to six hours. The pathogen panel will cover 95% of relevant pathogens including 33 unique pathogens and 10 groups, as well as 11 resistance markers. The panel of antibiotic substances will contain 30 antibiotics and bacterial growth or inhibition reported as Minimum Inhibitory Concentration values.

Please contact us for further specifications.

The ASTrID platform is currently under development with the goal to start CE-IVD validation in 2018 followed by FDA certification following shortly after.

By delivering a pathogen identification after four hours from whole blood and a susceptibility profile providing a MIC in additional  two-six hours we aim to:


  • Ensure appropriate and effective therapy as early as possible
  • Right drug, dose and duration
  • Avoid unnecessary therapy
  • Improve survival rates
  • Reduce hospital costs

After launch of the ASTrID sepsis assay other assays for infectious disease diagnostics will be placed on the system.