ASTrID - pathogen ID and phenotypic AST in 10 hours, directly from blood

ASTrID can shorten the current lead times in sepsis treatment by 48 hours

ASTrID® is a development platform for identification (ID) and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) of pathogens directly from blood – without the need for traditional blood culturing. ASTrID will be fully automated and easy to use, even for healthcare professionals outside the laboratory. The shortened diagnostic time will enable specific treatments to be administered quicker than today. Within four hours ASTrID will be able to identify the cause of sepsis and within an additional six hours deliver the antibiotic susceptibility profile. The pathogen ID panel will cover 95 percent of relevant pathogens including 33 unique pathogens and 10 pathogen groups, as well as 11 resistance markers. The panel of antibiotic substances will contain 30+ antibiotics and bacterial growth or inhibition reported as Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, MIC, values. The ASTrID platform is currently under development with the goal to start CE-IVD validation in 2020 followed by FDA certification shortly after.

ASTrID in short

  • Technology eliminating the need for traditional blood cultures
  • Broad panel, identifying 95 % of the bacteria that cause sepsis
  • “One-stop-shop” with the most comprehensive panel on the market
  • Fully automated and easy to use, even for healthcare professionals outside the laboratory

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