Aquila 1000

The Aquila 1000 is a fully automated system for identification of airborne pathogens, such as biological warfare agents.

The system collects and processes air samples and perform a biological analysis, DNA and/or protein identification in the same system, in an automated manner with random access sample input. The system is based on a novel technology platform; padlock probes for nucleic acid target recognition, proximity ligation assay for protein target recognition, and rolling circle amplification for signal amplification. The technology platform has to date been procured and evaluated by the Swedish and French Ministries of Defense and in the European research project TWOBIAS. The system is currently being further developed within the European Defence Agency research project IPODS.

The Aquila 1000 consists of four modules

  • Air Sampling Module (ASM)
  • Sample Preparation Module (SPpM)
  • Sample Processing Module (SPM)
  • Detection Module (DM)

The modules implement the following functions:  

  • The ASM (currently SASS2300) captures and transfers the particles present in the air into milliliters of liquid solution.
  • The SPpM prepares the sample for target recognition. The procedure differs depending on whether the sample is a protein or nucleic acid sample.
  • The SPM automates the molecular biology protocol, including the steps target recognition and signal amplification.
  • The DM, readout module, similar to the Aquila 400, detecting the Rolling Circle Products generated in the SPM

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