• More septic patients should be able to return to day-to-day life sooner

    Sepsis is a disease growing in prevalence – early discovery and diagnostics will be key to its management

  • Hours instead of days

    Within 4 hours ASTrID will identify the cause of sepsis and within an additional 6 hours, deliver the antibiotic susceptibility profile

  • Fighting antibiotic resistance

    The fully automated ASTa system will deliver phenotypic AST results in hours, enabling specific treatments to be administered quicker

Today’s time-consuming diagnostics of sepsis leads to an unnecessary amount of hospital days and an overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics. Q-linea´s fully automated solutions will enable healthcare providers to accurately diagnose sepsis in the shortest possible time. Our analysis platforms will drastically reduce the time for sepsis diagnosis.

ASTa will deliver answers about antibiotic susceptibility within six hours directly from positive blood cultures. The ASTrID® platform will identify the cause of sepsis directly from venous blood and deliver an antibiotic susceptibility profile in ten hours. Both systems will report true minimal inhibitory concentration values.

Detection direct from patient

Pathogen identification

Antibiotic susceptibility testing

Fighting antibiotic resistance

ASTa is a fully automated instrument for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST), giving a susceptibility profile within six hours directly from a positive blood culture. ASTa shortens time to result, enabling early use of antibiotics specifically targeting the disease-causing pathogen. ASTa is currently under development and will be available for research use only in 2018.

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Hours instead of days

Sepsis is a disease growing in prevalence – early discovery and diagnostics will be key to its management. By using a technology that eliminates the need for traditional blood cultures the ASTrID® platform will shorten the current lead times in sepsis treatment by several days. The ASTrID platform is currently under development with the goal to start CE-IVD validation in 2020 followed by FDA certification shortly after.

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Visit us at ECCMID for a sneak peak of our upcoming ASTa system

Visit our booth 170 at ECCMID in Vienna, April 22-25, and get a sneak peak of next year’s launch of the ASTa system!

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New poster publication

Presented at Sepsis 2016, Dec 6-8, Paris. “Highly multiplexed molecular pathogen ID followed by phenotypic AST from whole blood using a novel fully automated system”.  Read more  

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Q-linea will exhibit at ASM Microbe 2017

Visit our booth at the ASM Microbe Conference 2017 in New Orleans, June 1-5. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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