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The CEO & Managing Director is appointed by the board and is responsible for the Company’s day-to-day management in accordance with the board’s guidelines and instructions.

The CEO & Managing Director is responsible for keeping the board informed about the Company’s performance and reporting significant deviations from established business plans and about events with a major impact on the Company’s performance and operations, and for providing the board with relevant decision support in regard to, for example, establishments, investments and other strategic issues. Company management, headed by the Company’s CEO Stuart Gander, consists of people in charge of Q-linea’s key business areas.

Holdings as of April 30, 2024

Stuart Gander
CEO & President

Born: 1978

President since 1 March 2024

Stuart Gander has worked in the healthcare industry since 2006, advising companies across all sectors while serving with The Boston Consulting Group, where he was Managing Director & Partner. He specialized in medical technologies, working across a wide variety of sectors with an emphasis on medical diagnostics. He has experience working in most major healthcare markets around the world, having lived in nearly equal measure in Europe and North America. Prior to joining Q-linea, he was a member of the executive team at StatLab, a US-based leader in histology, where he held a variety of leadership roles in operations, sales & marketing, R&D and managing its international subsidiaries.

Education: Graduated with honours from Queen’s University School of Commerce (now Smith) in Kingston, Canada (2000).

Other ongoing assignments: Stuart Gander has no other current assignments.

Holdings in the Company: Stuart Gander owns 200,000 shares in the Company

Anders Ljunggren
Managing Director

Born: 1981
Employed by the company since 2022, Managing Director since March 1 2024

Anders Ljunggren has extensive experience in engineering project management, having worked at innovative R&D companies in industries like medical devices, industrial applications, consumer electronics, and space technology for the past 15 years. He has a track record of successfully managing B2B and in-house development projects, utilizing cross-functional team management skills and deep understanding of product development. At Q-linea he was responsible for setting up and leading the project management office and establish a portfolio management process as well as a matrix organisation before being promoted to Managing Director.

Education: Masters of Science in Materials Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, 2007
Other ongoing assignments: Owner of Coego Consulting AB and Introspection AB. Member of the board of the private estate company BKFAB

Holdings in the Company: Anders Ljunggren holds 12,300 shares and 3,570 stock options in the Company.

Thomas Fritz

Born: 1964
Chief Commercial Officer since 2019

Thomas Fritz has more than 25 years of broad commercial experience in Microbiology, working in Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial end markets. He was leading Marketing, Sales and Customer Service & Support organisations in various regions and was also Managing Director for a large manufacturing site.
In his previous role he served as Senior Director Commercial EMEA for the Microbiology Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Education: Msc in Microbiology, Tuebingen University, Germany (1993).
Other ongoing assignments: Thomas Fritz is Co-Owner and Managing Director of ATC GmbH.
Holdings in the Company: Thomas Fritz owns 58,500 shares and 21,030 stock options in the Company.

Christer Samuelsson

Born: 1962
Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations since 1 May, 2023.

Christer Samuelsson has 20 years of experience as CFO in various industries, incl. Life Science, manufacturing industries, telecom and renewable energy, both listed and unlisted companies. In addition, he has more than ten years of experience from the financial sector.

Education: BSc in Business administration and Economics, Uppsala University (1987).

Other ongoing assignments: Christer Samuelsson has no other current assignments.

Holdings in the Company: Christer Samuelsson owns 50,000 shares in the company.

Jim Kathrein
VP US Commercial Operations

Born: 1962
Employed by the Company since 2023

Jim Kathrein has more than 25 years of global commercial industry experience in Healthcare Administration, Clinical & Anatomic Pathology, and Industrial market segments with a focus in infectious disease and innovative technologies. In his previous roles, Jim has led Business Administration, Sales, Marketing, Commercial Operations, Customer Service and Support in the US and Global capacity. In his previous role, he served as VP of US Sales for the BioFire Dx subsidiary of bioMerieux.  Jim is  a retired veteran serving as a MSC Healthcare Administrator in the USAF.

Education: BSc in Business Administration and Occupational Education, Wayland Baptist University (1989); Medical Technologist, Midwestern State University (1987)
Other ongoing assignments: Jim Kathrein has no other current assignments.

Holdings in the Company: Jim Kathrein does not have any shares in the Company.

Henrik Jacobsson
Chief Operating Officer

Born: 1969
Employed by the Company as Production Manager since 2021, Chief Operating Officer since 2022.

Henrik has more than 25 years of experience in leading positions mainly in operations and production. He helped create the convenience food concept and the company Gooh where he was responsible for building up the production and logistics operations. This work provided good experience in creating and scaling up the factory and organization. Henrik has also been production director at Lantmännen Cerealia and CEO of Swedish Meat’s subsidiary Esca Food Solutions.

Education: MSc in Industrial Economics, Linköping University (1995).

Other ongoing assignments: Board member of Jacobson Energi AB, Skånings Åsaka Vind AB and Vida Vind AB.

Holdings in the Company: Henrik Jacobson owns 10,800 shares and 3,570 stock options in the Company.

Tiziana Di Martino
Chief Medical Officer

Born: 1976
Chief Medical Officer since 2019

Tiziana Di Martino has more than 20 years experience in clinical practice, research and medical/clinical affairs positions in the microbial diagnostic industry. She has previously served as Regional Medical Affairs Manager at Abbott Molecular, Clinical and Scientific Affairs Manager EMEA at Abbott Point of Care and Head of Clinical Development EMEA at Accelerate Diagnostics. In these roles she has successfully managed clinical projects related to new product launches.

Education: MD degree, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome (2003); MSc in Toxicology, University of Surrey (2011), MBA degree, London Business School (2014).
Other ongoing assignments: Tiziana Di Martino has no other current assignments.

Holdings in the Company: Tiziana Di Martino owns 21,030 stock options in the Company.

Jonas Melin
Director Product Development

Born: 1976
Director Product Development since 2017

Jonas Melin has extensive R&D experience and a deep understanding of technical and regulatory issues. He has experience in project management and has successfully led projects from development to regulatory approval. His previous positions include project manager for Meritas D-Dimer test, Troponin test and BNP test and head of technical development of Meritas troponin I.

Education: PhD in engineering science, Uppsala University (2006); MSc in technical biology, Linköping University (2002).
Other ongoing assignments: Jonas Melin is a member of the board of directors of Melin Science AB.

Holdings in the Company: Jonas Melin owns 1,764 shares and 21,030 stock options in the Company.

Karl Sköld
Director Contract Development

Born: 1974
Director Contract Development since 2018

Karl Sköld has a background as a researcher in molecular biology and pharmaceutical life sciences at Uppsala University. In the years 2007 to 2016 he was active as founder, board member and research director of Denator AB, a company that has developed and sells systems for heat stabilisation of clinical samples. Furthermore, he is co-founder of Maurten AB, which develops energy and nutritional products to athletes and the healthcare industry. In 2017, he became CEO of Umbrella Science AB whose operations were acquired by Q-linea in the summer of 2018.

Education: PhD in pharmaceutical bioscience, Uppsala University, 2006.
Other ongoing assignments: Karl Sköld is a member of the board of directors of Hardcover AB and a deputy boardmember of Laminaria Group AB and Maurten AB.

Holdings in the Company: Karl Sköld owns 2,500 shares and 21,030 stock options in the Company.

Victoria Lerneryd
Manager QA/RA

Born: 1984
Employed by the Company since 2020, Manager QA/RA since 2020

Victoria Lerneryd has over 12 years of experience in quality assurance and regulatory affairs for medical devices, including developing and maintaining quality management systems, preparing regulatory product documentation, and regulatory reviews and applications. She has previously held positions as Quality Manager at St. Jude Medical and Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Cavidi. These roles have included responsibility for compliance with regulatory requirements from product development to production and monitoring of products released to the market.

Education: MSc in Chemical Engineering, Uppsala University (2009).
Other ongoing assignments: Victoria Lerneryd has no other current assignments.
Holdings in the Company: Victoria Lerneryd owns 7,585 shares and 21,030 stock options in the company.

Ulrika Stolpe
HR Manager

Born: 1967
Employed by the company since 2012, HR Manager since 2019

Ulrika Stolpe prior to Q-linea has worked with finance, HR, and office operations at small and large national and international Life science companies since the 1990s. In 2012, she joined Q-linea as finance and office manager. Until 2019, she has driven the development of the company’s finances and personnel-administrative processes and has also taken a large part in work environment issues. In connection with the company IPO her work has been focused on HR where we can see a development from 2012 with a sharp increase in the number of employees.

Other ongoing assignments: Ulrika Stolpe has no other ongoing assignments.
Holdings in the Company: Ulrika Stolpe owns 6,774 shares and 21,030 stock options in the Company.