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Working together

Our  partners give customers access to ASTar system, providing the same level of sales, marketing, service and support offered directly by Q-linea.

Partner in Benelux:

Biomedical Diagnostics

Phone BE: +32 (0)3 546 39 80

Phone NL: +31(0)76 565 56 47


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Partner in Finland and the Baltics:

Labema Oy

Phone: +358 9 2746740

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Partner in France:

Eurobio Scientific

Phone:+33 01 69 79 64 80


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Partner in Norway:

Montebello Diagnostics AS

Phone:+47 22 14 14 90


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Partner in the United Kingdom:

Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Phone:+44 (0)151 353 1613


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For all other countries,  please contact Q-linea at

Note: ASTar instrument is CE-IVDR marked and US FDA cleared. Availability in each country depends on local regulatory marketing authorization status.