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Q-linea presents at AMCLI

Q-linea presents at AMCLI

Q-linea today announces that clinical insights from two prospective studies will be presented at the AMCLI congress. Data will be shared both from the largest comparative study performed in Europe so far between rapid AST systems and from the ongoing health economics research (HEOR) study Lifetimes.

At the upcoming conference, AMCLI (Associazione Microbiologi Clinici Italiani) National Congress in Rimini, Italy on March 9, 2024, Q-linea will host a workshop titled “ASTar in action: Rapid MIC in the management of the patients with bloodstream infection”. The workshop will showcase clinical insights from two prospective studies.

  • Prof. Alexia Verroken, from Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels, will present the results of a trial investigating the clinical impact of rapid AST on positive blood cultures from 200 patients with bacteremia. The study is a comparative analysis of Q-linea’s ASTar system with two other rapid AST technologies, providing insights into user-friendliness, performance, and clinical impact of each approach.
  • Prof. Maurizio Sanguinetti, from Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, will present interim data from the ongoing Lifetimes health economics study, including 160 prospective ICU patients with bloodstream infections.

“It is an honor to present ASTar for the first time at this national conference, alongside these distinguished speakers. The workshop will offer a unique opportunity to showcase ASTar’s clinical impact in real-life scenarios,” said Dr. Tiziana Di Martino, Chief Medical Officer of Q-linea.

“I look forward to see the results from the largest comparative study between rapid AST systems performed in Europe so far. I am honored that the study’s principal investigator Prof. Alexia Verroken has chosen to participate in Q-linea’s workshop at the conference to present the results. If the results are in line with the performance ASTar has shown in several previous independent studies, I am confident that it will be positive for ASTar and Q-linea. I also look forward to Prof. Maurizio Sanguinetti presenting the first set of data from the HEOR study currently ongoing in Italy. The complete study results are planned to be presented later during the year”, said Jonas Jarvius, President and CEO of Q-linea.