Stabilization notice and end of the stabilization period

Stabilization notice and end of the stabilization period


Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) (”Carnegie”) notifies that stabilization measures have been undertaken in Q-linea AB (publ) (“Q-linea” or the “Company”). The stabilization period has now ended and no further stabilization transactions will be effected. The over-allotment option will not be exercised.  

As announced in connection with the offering to acquire newly issued shares in the Company and the listing of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm (the ”Offering”), Carnegie may, acting as Sole Global Coordinator, carry out transactions aimed at supporting the market price of the shares at levels above those which might otherwise prevail in the market.

Stabilization transactions have been possible to undertake on Nasdaq Stockholm, in the over-the-counter market or otherwise, at any time during the period starting on the first day of trading in the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm, i.e. 7 December 2018, and with an ending no later than 30 calendar days thereafter. The Sole Global Coordinator has, however, not been obliged to undertake any stabilization and there was no assurance that stabilization would be undertaken. Undertaken stabilization has been possible to discontinue at any time without prior notice. Transactions have, in no event, been executed at levels above the price in the Offering.

The board of directors of the Company have granted the Sole Global Coordinator an over-allotment option which may be utilized in whole or in part for 30 days from the first date of trading in the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm, to sell up to 1,213,235 additional shares, corresponding to up to 15 percent of the total number of shares encompassed by the Offering, at a price corresponding to the price in the Offering, i.e. SEK 68, to cover any over-allotment in connection with the Offering. Such shares were allocated to investors prior to the first day of trading in the Company. The shares under the Over-allotment option could then be used for stabilization purposes or to cover any over-allotment in connection with the Offering. The Sole Global Coordinator now notifies that the Over-allotment option will not be exercised and accordingly, 1,213,235 shares in Q-linea that the Sole Global Coordinator has borrowed from Nexttobe AB with the purpose of covering the Over-allotment in the Offering will be returned within short.

The stabilization period regarding the Offering has now ended and no further stabilization transactions will be executed. Specified below is a summary of the stabilization transactions that have been executed during the stabilization period in accordance with the press release of 18 December 2018. All transactions during the stabilization period have been executed on Nasdaq Stockholm and no stabilization transactions have been executed on other dates than those specified below. The contact person at Carnegie is Magnus Andersson (tel: +46 8- 588 688 00). 

Stabilization transactions:
Date Quantity Price (highest) Price (lowest) Price (volume weighted average) Currency Trading venue
2018-12-07 620,000 68.00 66.20 67.4507 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1210 157,469 67.70 65.92 66.4585 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1211 100,050 66.50 65.55 65.9013 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1212 45,398 66.00 62.94 64.7485 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1213 9,323 65.11 64.50 64.9323 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1214 9,035 67.00 65.20 66.4460 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-1217 24,571 67.55 65.20 66.0225 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-18 9,509 67.00 65.50 66.3926 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-19 19,109 65.50 64.80 65.0692 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-20 17,674 65.10 63.00 64.2632 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-21 28,150 64.00 61.60 62.3806 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-27 35,578 62.00 58.50 59.9823 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2018-12-28 20,331 60.50 58.89 59.8362 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2019-01-02 40,673 62.53 61.00 61.7146 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2019-01-03 38,210 62.30 60.40 61.0722 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm
2019-0104 38,155 66.10 60.73 62.1556 SEK Nasdaq Stockholm

For further information, please contact:

Anders Lundin, CFO and IR


Phone: +46 706 00 15 20

This information is information that Q-linea is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation 596/2014. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 19.30 CET on 4 January 2019. 

Important information

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