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The antibiotics panel in ASTar is expanded to offer even broader coverage

The antibiotics panel in ASTar is expanded to offer even broader coverage

Q-linea AB (publ) (OMX: QLINEA) – Q-linea today announces that the antibiotics panel for the rapid AST system ASTar® for gram-negative bacteria has been updated with several important combinations of antibiotics and bacteria. The panel now covers 222 combinations, which increases the benefit for patients and reduces the resource needs in the lab.

ASTar Instrument and ASTar BC G-Kit already deliver the broadest answer regarding the combination of the number of antibiotics and the number of double dilution steps of each antibiotic, in a single analysis for gram-negative bacteria. The test enables the analysis of gram-negative bacteria, including difficult-to-grow so-called fastidious bacteria, which satisfies the need for rapid and comprehensive results to support optimal treatment decisions.

The panel has been expanded with 18 combinations of antibiotics and bacteria and today covers 23 antibiotics for non-fastidious bacteria and six antibiotics for fastidious (difficult-to-grow) bacteria. The extended panel only requires a software installation.

“I am very proud that we can now offer a further broadening of our already very comprehensive panel for the diagnosis of suspected sepsis patients. Throughout the development of ASTar, we have aimed to offer rapid results for as many patients as possible, no matter how difficult bacterial infections they may have, to maximize the benefit to patients. In addition, a comprehensive panel minimizes the lab’s need for follow-up tests, which may otherwise be needed if the panel is limited. This provides the fastest possible time to optimal treatment for the patient and reduces the lab’s resource needs,” said Jonas Jarvius, CEO of Q-linea.

ASTar Instrument and ASTar BC G- Kit are CE-marked but not FDA 510(k)-cleared and not available for sale in the United States.