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Last updated: April 19, 2021

ProductPatents and patent pending
ASTar® Instrument 5000 3135US1092592, Patents pending AU2019254706, CA3097602, CN201980036596.1, US17/047794, EP3781950, EP3701309, CN201880082512.3, US16/956767
ASTar® BC G- Kit (consisting of Consumable kit 5000 3905, Frozen insert 5000 3855 and Kit software 5000 5392)US1092592, Community Registered Designs No. 006375440-0001, . 006375440-0002
UK Registered Designs No. 90063754400001, . 90063754400002, Chinese Design Patent ZL201930554531.9 (中国外观专利申请 ZL201930554531.9), Japanese Design Registrations No. 1665788, 1665831,
Pending US Design Application No. 29/709143
Patents pending; CN201780066518.7, US16/341809, EP3529368, EP3472802, CN20190009744, US16/963414, EP3743208, US17/047793, EP3781314, CN201980009378.9, KR10-2020-7023204, US16/962980, EPO3743522, CN 201980009748.9, US16/9634227, EP3743207