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The following Q-linea AB products (or methods carried out by the products) are covered by one or more claims in the United States and elsewhere. This web page is intended to serve as a virtual patent marking notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a) and any similar laws or regulations of other countries. The following list of Q-linea products may not be all-inclusive, and these or other Q-linea products not listed here may be protected by one or more of these or additional patents in the United States and elsewhere:


Last updated: April 29, 2024

ProductPatents and patent pending
ASTar® Instrument 5000 3135Granted patents:
EP 3314008 (in force in France, Germany, Sweden and UK)
EP 3701309 (In force in France, Germany. Sweden and UK)
EP 3781314 (In force in France, Germany, Sweden and UK)
US 10829797
US 10902592
US 11428917
CN 111512206 A

Pending patent applications:
AU 2019254706
CA 3097602
EP 3472802
EP 3781950
EP 3743522
KR 10-2020-7023204
US 20200363616
US 20210032674
US 20220382030
US 20210154663

ASTar® BC G- Disc
(part of ASTar® BC G- Consumable kit 5000 3905 and 5000 6434)

Granted patents:
CN 111683751
CN 111629830
US 11673137

Pending patent applications:
EP 3743208
EP 3743207
US 20200338555
CN 115414976A
CN 115400818A

Granted design patents and registered designs:
Community Registered Designs No. 006375440-0001, 006375440-0002
UK Registered Designs Nos. 90063754400001, 90063754400002
Chinese Design Patent ZL201930554531.9
Japanese Design Registrations Nos. 1665788, 1665831

Pending design patent and registered design applications:
Pending US Design Application No. 29/709143

ASTar® BC G- Cartridge

(part of ASTar® BC G- Consumable kit 5000 3905 and 5000 6434)
Pending patent applications:
EP 3781314
EP 3668992
EP 4005674
EP 3743522
US 20210106987
US 20200299748
US 20210032674
KR 10-2020-7013325
KR 10-2020-7023204
CN 111164218