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Employee share option programme 2020/2023

Employee share options were allotted free of charge on 30 June 2020 following a resolution by the Annual General Meeting on 26 May 2020. The programme measures the fulfilment of certain strategic and operational targets established by the Board, and employees may acquire one ordinary share in the Company after a vesting period of three years. When the programme was closed to new participants, a total of 345,850 employee share options had been allotted.

Employee share option programme 2021/2024

The Company’s Annual General Meeting on 25 May 2021 resolved to introduce an employee share option programme for the Company’s employees. Employee share option programme 2021/2024 is to comprise a maximum of 160,650 employee share options. Employee share options are to be offered free of charge to individuals employed by the Company as of 15 June 2021 who are not covered by any of the previous share-based incentive programmes in the Company.

Each employee share option shall entitle the holder, on the achievement of certain strategic and operational goals set by the Board in advance and connected to significant events in the Company’s development, such as advances in product development, product approval and commercialisation, and after a three-year vesting period, to acquire one (1) new common share in the Company.