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Remuneration to the Board of Directors

The remuneration of the directors elected by the general meeting is determined by the general meeting.

At the Annual General Meeting on June 13, 2023, it was decided that board renumeration for the period until the next Annual General Meeting shall be paid as follows (the fee levels for the current year are indicated in parentheses):

  • Chairman of the Board: SEK 450,000 (440,000)
  • Co-Chairman of the Board:  SEK 337,500 (-)
  • Other members: SEK 225,000 (220,000)
  • Chairman of the Audit Committee: SEK 90,000 (90,000)
  • Other members of the Audit Committee: SEK 45,000 (45,000)
  • Chairman of the Remuneration Committee: SEK 40,000 (40,000)
  • Other members of the Remuneration Committee: SEK 20,000 (20,000)

The Annual General Meeting also resolved, in accordance with what was previously announced, that renumeration to Erika Kjellberg Eriksson will not be paid.

The total fee to the persons proposed for election by the Nomination Committee is thus proposed to amount to SEK 1,450,000 (1,380,000) (ie no fee is paid to Erika Kjellberg Eriksson in accordance with the above). This also means that additional fees may be paid if other people are selected.