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Webinar: Equal and better care for everyone

The presenters are the CEO of Q-linea, Jonas Jarvius and Vice President and Research Director Mats Gullberg, as well as Sales & Marketing Director Charlotta Göransson. After registration you will receive an email with information on how to join the webinar.

Date: November 10th

Time: 17.00 CET

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Jonas Jarvius, PhD, CEO

Jonas Jarvius has extensive R&D experience in the field of molecular medicine and molecular biological detection. He has co-founded several companies and is one of the founders of Q-linea. For many years, he has also held senior positions in various biotech companies and in these roles, has successfully managed projects related to molecular detection for safety applications and the manufacture and development of medical devices.

Mats Gullberg, PhD, Vice President, Research Director

Mats Gullberg has extensive experience in product development and commercialisation. He has previously worked with methods of microbiology and molecular biology at Uppsala University. He has vast experience in R&D projects and in running projects to identify potential future products.

Charlotta Göransson, PhD, Sales & Marketing Director

Charlotta Göransson is a former researcher and has worked in sales and marketing in the biotech industry since 2003. She has experience in international sales as well as project management.

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